Interview: The Unique Inner Workings Of Cull

Music Feeds managed to bring Chumpy and Julian from spaced-out, psychedelic Sydney outfit Cull back down to earth for a few minutes to discuss the band’s new EP, Bà nội. The band’s sound is something close to Deerhunter, Spiritualised, My Bloody Valentine, and Stereolab stuck in an elevator that’s in orbit around Jupiter, but Chumpy tells us the roots of the band are much more close to home.

“We’re a fairly new band, we only really started being a band last January,” says Chumpy. “And before that I was doing my own thing, writing songs. In 2012, my grandmother passed away and I noticed I was writing fairly differently, I was doing a lot of experimenting… I don’t know, [it] was broody music. I decided to make a project out of all these songs. I was in a couple of other bands and it didn’t really fit their styles, so I started what I decided to call Cull.”

“I decided the first EP should be dedicated to my grandma, because it was a foundation for this band, more or less.” Chumpy explains that Bà nội is Vietnamese for ‘paternal grandmother,’ and says the EP’s creation was also a family affair. “I recorded the tracks and I guess pitch [them to the band] and get the rest of the band to translate them to a live setting. They’re not completely separate, they both work in harmony with each other.”

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