Interview: The Upskirts – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney 2012

MusicFeedsTV caught up with Harry and Tom from Sydney indie band The Upskirts after sound check at the Oxford Arts Factory Gallery Bar. Their new single ‘Wrecking Ball’ was predominantly recorded at 301 studios in Byron Bay and represents a shift in the band’s music. Compared to their previous raw indie garage vibe, the track has been influenced by the sound of The Strokes and punk music generally. The Upskirts were so happy with Wrecking Ball that they chosen to release it as the first single for their forth coming EP.

“I don’t think it was planned as the first single either, it was just sorta the one that like, once we finished all the tracks it just, yeah, popped out to us the most.”

Previous recording experiences have been more rushed; however, most of the songs on the new album were well developed in advance of any studio time. It was more important to The Upskirts to let their music develop naturally with some of the songs only taking 5 minutes to write and others taking as long as 5 months.

“With our first EP Vacations we were writing right up to the morning of recording that. We recorded 5 songs in 2 days cause we were just straight out of school, didn’t have that much money for studio time. So with this EP, we had like a whole week to just experiment with different guitar sounds and all that kind of stuff in the studio. So that worked heaps to our benefit I think with this one.”

The new EP will be a 5-track EP called Disconnection and will feature a diverse collection of songs described by the band as softer, heavier, epic and some more chilled-out tunes. Live performances of the songs have been well received by audiences and The Upskirts feel that the tracks are their best ever.

Even with the Disconnection EP still to be released, the band already have plans to test out new songs live. The compositions are planned to be released on their ‘next next EP’, which currently is still in the writing process.

“I think we’re going to try and get back to the studio pretty much as soon as this one’s done and just churn out another one… bigger and better.”

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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