Interview: The Vanns Vs The Familiars

Music Feeds decided to put Music Feeds Studio to a proper scientific use and examine what happens when we put two of Australia’s brightest up-and-coming young bands — singular indie guitar-bashers The Familiars and The Vanns, who trade in an explosive mix of old-school blues and contemporary indie — in the one room and have them interrogate each other.

Thankfully, both bands have been touring together so it wasn’t hard to wrangle them. The time spent getting to know Australia’s fine highways has given the boys a chance to not only bond but get familiar with some of each other’s foibles, which saw some complaints raised during the interview, a la, “Jimmy’s got this massive ego. He thinks he should be headlining Big Day Out and he just farts all the time.”

We also managed to find time to figure out which drummer would win in a fist fight (by throwing the gauntlet and letting fisticuffs ensue), what is the capital of Germany, should both bands kick out their bass players and spend the spoils on recreational activity, and many of life’s other pertinent questions.

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