Interview: The Veronicas Discuss Their Self-Titled Third Album

Brisbane twins The Veronicas returned with their self-titled third album in November, and already have a national tour lined up for February. Sisters Jess and Lisa took time out to chat with Music Feeds after the album’s release, and shared their excitement before getting ready to take their new tunes around the country.

“It feels incredible,” Jess said of the duo’s new album, their first since 2007’s Hook Me Up. “We worked and fought very very hard to have this music heard, so it feels incredible that it’s finally in people’s hands and they’re hearing it.”

The girls also discussed the personal stories behind their songwriting, and the progression they’ve made over consecutive albums. “I think obviously just as time’s passed and we’ve progressed as artists and writers, we do tend to put our heart and our soul into it… so we just sort of naturally go there,” Lisa said.

“All of our songs are based on personal experience… We use the sessions almost like therapy sessions.”

It’s not only recording sessions which act as therapy, however. “For me it’s the most exciting part bringing the music to life in that stage setting and getting to connect with the audience again face-to-face,” Lisa explained.

The Veronica’s self-titled third album is available now.

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