Interview: Tin Sparrow – ‘What Do You Think, Dean’

Sydney indie folk act Tin Sparrow kick off a 3-date headlining tour this Thursday. Stopping at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the aspiring quartet will give fans a live shellacking of their latest single The Beast, which sees Tin Sparrow dirty up their sound for a little extra grit.

A band on the rise, Tin Sparrow have fulfilled the role of supporting cast for the likes of Husky, Matt Corby and Boy & Bear, and are now ready to strike out on their own. With two EPs under 18 months and a third one on the way next year, there’s little rest for the local four-piece as they find themselves on festival bills such as Peats Ridge and Festival of the Sun.

Herding bandmates Mark, Matt, Sonja and Dean into the corner of a Sydney pub, Tin Sparrow divulged to Music Feeds why ‘The Beast’ can’t be satisfied, how the band uses EPs to explore various musical possibilities, and what the difference is between playing in a venue and rocking out at a festival.

What do you think, Dean?

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