Interview: Tom Lark At Bigsound 2012

Whereas most artists are fresh from the plane or hotel, NZ’s Tom Lark was fresh from the hospital. But after a mile high scare, the alternative folk musician was back on his feet, fit as a fiddle.

Recently, Lark released his debut self-titled EP. The process had been halted by earthquakes that rocked his hometown of Christchurch, turning his studio into tatters. The tragedy devastated the country, leaving the city, its population and its live music scene in a tough situation. However, according to Lark, bands showed the same spirit as other locals and set up live venues in their backyards – pure rock ‘n’ roll. Lark kept the momentum flowing, and despite the lack of fancy equipment, finished the EP in his bedroom. The DIY ethos left a lasting impression on the artist, though future projects are likely to include the shaping of 3rd party influence.

With the EP being well received, Lark will be showcasing his material at BIGSOUND Live, in between his current East Coast Australian tour. Following this, the band will be shipping off to the States for CMJ, where they will be able to experience everything they’ve ever wanted, including New York pizza. Lark will be rounding off the next 6 months or so with a full-length album.

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