Interview: Toyko Denmark Sweden – Fine Tuning Their Sound

Sydney-based outfit Tokyo Denmark Sweden have done an awful lot for a band that’s only been around for just over a year. Very recently, the trio dropped their debut EP. The self-titled EP was a big step for Tokyo Denmark Sweden, who now have a tangible object by which to define themselves, for the time being that is. As they explained to Music Feeds, the band is already focusing on the follow-up release, and new angles to explore.

This is all while gigging, need I remind you. The hard-working band graced the stages of Newtown Festival only recently, and prior to that, wrapped up a run of dates with contemporaries Argentina and Them Swoops, which saw Tokyo Denmark Sweden hit Melbourne soil for the first of what is sure to be many, many shows there in the future.

They’ve stolen the hearts of media, with the masses gradually catching on. This is for sure a band to be watching, especially now as they unlock previously unknown regions of their sound for the first time.

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