Interview: Tuka Talks Playing With Genre And Winning Back Ex-Girlfriends Via Song

Aussie MC and member of Thundamentals, Tuka, sat down with our very own Harry Fuller to chat all about his latest album and how he likes to play around with genre.

His latest release Life Death Time Eternal explores several divergent sounds which Tuka puts down to not “really being concerned with genre and I wanted to get that across. I love hip-hop, it’s always gonna be in me, but in the genre of hip-hop, you can really stretch it and there’s a lot of rules you can break.”

Talking more about the album Tuka revealed that the concept of duality was at it’s core and he was keen to make the themes universal, “I really liked the symbols we made for each word [Life Death Time Eternal], rather then the words themselves. I hope that someone in, like Africa or whatever, who doesn’t even speak English, will be able to still see that that’s what it means.”

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