Interview: Twelve Foot Ninja – Goin’ Good And Only Getting Better

The moment has finally come. The full-length record that Twelve Foot Ninja and their fans have been anxiously waiting, nay, yearning for, has arrived. Now with Silent Machine hot from the press and fresh on the shelves, the boys stopped by to talk shop with the Music Feeds team.

“Fucking excited” is how the band sum up the experience of releasing their debut full-length studio effort, and deservedly so, as their fanbase appears to have latched themselves to the album almost instantly. Media also seems to have a soft spot for the heavy rockers, giving the release one, two and surely three thumbs up in approval.

Now staying true to aforementioned fanbase, the gang have hit the road, album in hand, with the intent of showcasing their new jams all around the country. During the chat, we get a little bit of insight into the nerves that come with performing new songs – but as the boys explain, one show down and they’re already feelin good about it all.

The release was of course teased with the Project 12 concept – the band released a digital taste-tester from the release every week, along with a comic for 12 weeks in a row. The result of this was releasing an album to a world who were now very well-acquainted with the tracks.

As for their live shows, you surely don’t want to miss out on this madness as the boys give a rundown of just how excited one fan got when he met the lads. Check it out. If you dare.

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