Interview: Until The Ribbon Breaks On Touring With London Grammar And Defining Their Sound

US-based, British-accented band Until The Ribbon Breaks have been smashing out shows across Australia, supporting London Grammar on their mini-tour, and they reckon it’s been a big learning curve.

“Playing with London Grammar is really interesting because we’re playing to a certain set of fans who are into a certain kind of music,” says multi-instrumentalist (and bass player) James Gordon, referring to London Grammar’s ambient stylings. “And some things really really resonate with that world, so that’s interesting.”

But the trio have never fancied boxing themselves into a single genre, with their recently released debut album, A Lesson Unlearnt, offering a tribute to their diverse musicianship, with tracks falling across a stylistic spectrum of electronica, pop, rock, R&B and even gangsta rap.

“You have to change your car every song” jokes vocalist Pete Lawrie-Winfield. “And your haircut.”

But when it comes to their “defining sound”, Until The Ribbon Breaks reckon they’re still figuring all that out.

“But I think maybe we always will be because of the nature of what we do,” says Gordon. “It’s definitely a deliberate decision to keep it open and have a record that does touch on lots of different things.”

Until The Ribbon Breaks’ new full-length, A Lesson Unlearnt is available now via iTunes.

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