Interview: Will And The People – It’s Magical

Don’t let their super-chilled, mellow unique brand of reggae fool you. Will and the People are tough. Hell, you’d have to be to get through their…shall we say…minimalist approach to their last Australian tour. For those out of the loop on that one, Will and the People ventured into the unknown Australian music scene from the UK on a self-funded tour. Beaches became homes, floorboards became mattresses. That was a fair way off from their current tour, which included a quick chat with the Music Feeds team.

Currently in town supporting their sophomore full-length album Friends, Will and the People will be travelling the highways of Australia for around 2 months, all the while living in a converted people mover equipped with rooftop stage, and crazy paint job.

The band have found serious connection with Friends, which was the first release with the current lineup. As the boys explain, the writing process was also largely different from their debut full-length as each member was able to bring their ideas to the table. The logistics are staggering, as we discuss, but the results speak for themselves. You too can even have your input as the band has offered up the streams for recent single Holiday should you feel the desire to get your remix on.

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