Interview: Winter People On MFTV, Sydney 2012

Though they disagree with the sense of legitimacy that comes with releasing your debut album, Winter People have exited the studio, bearing gifts in the form of a full-length record. A Year at Sea is expected to drop September 21 and comes hand in hand with a set of tour dates.

The band teamed up with some big names for the release, many of whom did so not for the financial return, but more so because they believed in, and wanted to be part of what Winter People were doing. The hard days and the long nights were experienced by everyone in the Winter People Camp, producers and the like, and the dedication to crafting a product worthy of its hype oozes through the release.

The band will be showcasing their new material throughout Australia for a series of shows. Within this tour list includes performances at Harvest Festival 2012 where the band will be sharing stages with the likes of Beck, Ben Folds Five and Sigur Ros, a band namechecked by Winter People as a key influence.

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