Logitech UE And Music Feeds Interview Young Magic At Peats Ridge Festival 2012

Young Magic were one of over 200 acts that helped bring 2012 to a rocking close at Peats Ridge. The Brooklyn-based outfit have made quite an impact with their debut album Melt and show no signs of slowing down, with the follow-up expected sometime in 2013.

Rather than bunker down in a studio, Melt came together from the individual adventures of the band’s members as they travelled around the world. As Young Magic members Isaac Emmanuel and Melati Malay explain, listening back to Melt is like looking at a series of postcards from various locations.

Discussing their many travels, the direct and indirect influences of the places they visit and their passion for migration, Young Magic are as boundless as the music they create. With no desire to record their music in a traditional studio setting, Young Magic continue to navigate the globe.

Hopefully, their travels will soon bring the band back to Australia for a more extensive tour once their sophomore album is released.

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