Interview: Young Men Dead At Bigsound 2012

Living up to their bio, the very tall Young Men Dead were so excited to get amongst the BIGSOUND celebrations that they’ve skipped band practice, though the band is sure to be in tip top shape for the upcoming showcase.

The band roll off a few fellow artists that they are excited to see before we get to the thick of things. Combining tribal drums, synth and vocals, all at a powerfully demanding level, we chat about their creative process. The lads explain that it is a totally organic effort, with each taking up different responsibilities to get the job done.

YMD plan on making the most of their time at the conference, hoping to leave a long-lasting impression on those who witness their set. Bringing with them their credible party vibe, the band will also be debuting some never-before-heard tracks for BIGSOUND Live.

Since their debut interstate adventures recently, the band has shot into high demand, with shows booked left, right and centre for the foreseeable future. This is something that they are not afraid of at all, having ironed out the ‘on tour’ creases that form in bands touring in close quarters (you’ll have to watch the whole video for that story!

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