Isotopes – ‘Poisoned Autumn’

Sydney riff crushers Isotopes are back with another bangin’ slab of melodic hardcore dubbed ‘Poisoned Autumn’.

The stand-alone single is as heavy on the feels as it is on the breakdowns and comes packing an epic music video that puts the pain of soured love on centre stage.

Topes perform inside what looks like a jet black snowglobe to reflect the seasonal imagery of the song’s lyrics, which frontman Justin Miller confesses hit very close to home for him.

“‘Poisoned Autumn’ is a continuation on from our previous track ‘Hurt’ which was about dealing with the emotional turmoil of a toxic relationship, when you’re with someone for so long it tends to take a huge toll on you, but the song portrays the side of me being stuck in my own head and coming to terms that letting go is the only way to find happiness,” he explains.

“At the end of the day, that’s just a part of life. The message in the song was simple whether it was ‘Let me go’ or ‘So please move on’.”

Millsy says the meaning behind ‘Poisoned Autumn’ sparked as an idea when a past relationship was still trying to make itself present in his life.

“With ‘Poisoned Autumn’ I wanted to bring more emotion into the song with trying to get my message across,” he continues. “I felt that the use of the seasons really portrays my past to the present, it’s the passing of the season. This person was born in Autumn hence the title ‘Poisoned Autumn’ but I’ve moved on to a new life, hence the line ‘Fall with the leaves, Run away on winters breeze’.”

It’s powerful stuff. Give the clip a watch above, and stay tuned for Isotopes to drop some fresh live dates very soon.

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