Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders – ‘To Keep and To Be Kept’

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders have just dropped the video for their latest single, the brooding To Keep and To Be Kept featuring Sharon Van Etten. The third video to be released off Ladder’s highly acclaimed third album Playmates, the video is also the first to feature his backing band The Dreamlanders.

Filmed on vintage video TV equipment that director Alex Smith (Coldplay, Iggy Pop) bought from a church, the clip sees Ladder and the band doing their best Temptations style moves against a white backdrop between bouts of Jack singing straight to camera. “I’ve always wanted to make a video in a white space, the way they used to make them,” Ladder said of the video.

Speaking of the song itself he describes it as “a love song that doesn’t use the word love,” before adding “it could be more about acceptance than love. It’s practical. Love demystified. It’s about partners in crime which is a concept that’s very romantic to me.”

“I usually try to hang back because I aim to support people whenever I sing with someone, so I was cautious with the duet,” Van Etten says of collaborating with Ladder. “I just leaned into him. It was really fun and an interesting challenge and his songs are killer. I feel lucky to have been a part of it,” she added.

Capturing the band’s wry and dry sense of humour, the video is a perfect accompaniment to the track, mirroring its timeless style and contemporary self awareness. Set to tour extensively both at home and abroad over the summer, To Keep and To Be Kept comes as the perfect reminder of how much this band has to offer before they start stealing the show the world over in the coming months.

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