Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party – A Fever

Music video for Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party first single off their sophomore self-titled album.

Melbourne’s Jimmy Hawk recently assembled the Endless Party earlier this year, but had already secured his reputation as one of Melbourne’s most inventive songwriters. With a penchant for luscious, transcendental melody and expressive lyricism, Hawk’s musical dreamscapes have endeared him to a steadily growing fanbase.

His debut album, Echo Park, released in 2010, saw Hawk deftly re-imagining the well tread path of folk to widespread critical acclaim. The addition of the Endless Party, Thomas Van Der Vleit, Jack Wilson, Dakota Longshot and Troy Ramaekers, has also infused Hawk’s songwriting and practice with new influences.

The latest self-titled album has a nostalgic tone that permeates the album, however, it is determinedly forward looking.

“In terms of vibe, the first album was essentially about breaking up, whereas this new record is more primal and up,” explains Hawk, adding, “It’s the kind of record you put on in a room and make out to.”

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