Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust (Live At Music Feeds Studio)

Music Feeds Studio was recently lucky enough to play host to the formidable singing and songwriting talent of Josh Pyke, who came in on the wind of his Lone Wolf tour. The regional trek saw Josh playing dates in Darwin, Broome, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, and more. We loved Josh’s performance of Memories & Dust, which saw the singer-songwriter get his Bob Dylan on with a bittersweet mix of harmonica and light guitar chords, complimented, of course, by Josh’s inimitable vocals.

After his performance, we spoke to Josh about the role that touring regionally can play in a musician’s career. “I don’t know if it’s essential to making it, but I definitely think it’s essential to having longevity in your career,” he said. “Because there’s only so many times you can play in a capital city on an album tour and I really firmly believe in getting out and playing songs directly to people, cutting out the middle man as much as possible.”

We also asked Josh about his famous loop station. “This puppy is both a blessing and a curse at points,” he said, “because when it screws up it just loops that screw-up. It allows me in a solo context to add a few little extra textures. I don’t use it on every song, probably on five songs out of a twenty-song set. It adds textures and makes it not just me singing dolefully at the crowd.”

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