The Kills – ‘Heart Of A Dog’

The Kills have just unleashed their video for ‘Heart of A Dog’, taken from their upcoming fifth studio album Ash and Ice.

The video was aired for the very first time on the Coachella Festival Live Stream, right before The Kills hit the stage with their grunt-fuelled performance. The video, directed by Sophie Muller (Beyonce, Coldplay, Annie Lennox), is made of a series of spliced scenes portraying some fast-paced chaotic hang-time full of frantic journal-scribbling, hammock-swinging, car-clambering, dog-nuzzling and back flips set to rotating backdrops of lounge rooms, palm trees, blue skies, swimming pools and late night servos.

This video is all restless energy and rock and roll, as is the music. And with a working relationship spanning almost fifteen years, the reckless energy bouncing back and forth between Mosshart and Hince is as rampant as ever.

We are very very especially pleased to release our new music video for “Heart of A Dog!” It was shot all day and into the night in Los Angeles by our dear friend, the tremendous talent, Sophie Muller. We love this video. We love it because it’s fucking fun. Muscle cars and backflips. Palms trees and cacti. Dogs and dice. Neon and sunshine. We hope you love it as muchas we do. VROOM VROOM. Love, The Kills.”

We are also very, very especially pleased.

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