Kimbra – ‘Goldmine’

Kiwi songstress Kimbra has taken a break from her rigorous touring schedule to unleash a new music video for the song Goldmine, a fan favourite off her critically acclaimed sophomore LP, The Golden Echo.

The video, a joint effort between Kimbra and her fellow New Zealand-bred filmmakers Chester Travis and Timothy Armstrong, was meticulously shot in stop-frame animation (no computer animation whatsoever, take that Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and every other director who’s gone full CGI!), using no less than 400 square metres of heavy-duty aluminium foil and 700 polystyrene spikes inside an old Berlin factory.

The result is a breathtaking and mind-bending jaunt into an abstract Gumby-style universe where golden foil seeps in to cover everything.

“When we set out to make this video, I wanted to find a way to symbolize what the song Goldmine means to me through an interesting visual metaphor, perhaps in a way that could be open to interpretation while also representing the message of ‘inner wealth’ and calling on a strength from within,” explains Kimbra.

“The process of gold is a fascinating metaphor for pain and suffering,” she continues. “Gold must be refined in the fire before it takes on its true character.. Much like life itself, we must be tested and refined before we can give from the deepest part of ourselves. We hold immense power within us and I love how this is shown in the video through the use of all the different objects that manifest around me and

eventually, through me…

“It is so special to have made this video with two of my close friends from New Zealand who now

live in Berlin,” the singer concludes. “I’ve always enjoyed using videos as a platform to showcase the talents of my friends and this video is a true artistic triumph and testament to their their creativity and commitment to making beautiful art.”

Between touring internationally, being nominated for awards and hanging out with Cookie Monster, Kimbra has also been hitting the studio with a justice league of musicians, working on a mysterious project which has yet to present itself.

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