Interview: KSSR – Breaking Out Of The Routine

The name and the face might seem familiar, but Kiss Reid AKA KSSR is a far cry from the version of himself that performed with The Scare. Having found considerable traction on the solo route, KSSR has not only released his first solo single, but has also announced a handful of shows. What a perfect reason to catch up with the dude for a bit of a chat. 

KSSR has managed to bring his previous sensibilities into what was fast becoming a stale, electronic genre. Passanger, the first release from the artist, demonstrates his uncanny ability to fill the electronic skeleton with real life heart and soul. Kiss lets us into the creative rollercoaster that is his imagination as he discusses what it is that goes into his music, as well as the back story behind his pioneering genre of Bipolar pop. 

Leaving an established band for a solo career would have to be one of the most daunting moves ever, though as Kiss explains, it wasn’t so daunting as he had no initial intentions of going solo, but rather of giving into the 9-5 grind and becoming, as he puts it, ‘normal.’ Nerts to that we say, as does Kiss, who soon found himself back in the studio and totally abnormal. 

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