Last Dinosaurs – ‘Wurl’

Queensland’s Last Dinosaurs have just served up a choice video for their latest single Wurl, the indie pop four piece’s summery and euphoric energy on center stage. “Wurling” with phased out guitars, and fuzzy vocals, the track’s almost disco vibe maintains its upbeat pace throughout, with the video not letting up either.

The second track lifted from their sophomore album Wellness, Wurl is the follow up to the band’s previous single Apollo, which also featured a stand out video. Directed by the band’s bass player Michael Sloane, it was nominated for Best Music Video at the Queensland Music Awards 2016.

With a lot to live up , directed & produced by Harry Deadman, the clip for Wurl certainly does that. Its frenetic mix of psychedelic yet sterile scenes, stock footage of medical experiments and schizoid jump cutting is very affecting, and was in fact conceived in consultation with the band.

“The concept for the Wurl video really came about after a discussion with Sean and Michael,” Deadman says of the clip. “The idea of recreating old social and science experiments was the early foundation of the idea. From there, we pushed the concept a bit and added in small setups of our own, always centered on the idea of spinning. The idea of ‘stimulation overload’, whereby a lot of information is given in a short space of time, furthered the idea of an experiment-taking place.”

Written when the band were taking a break to write music in a remote Japanese town,  singer and guitarist Sean Caskey said the song began as experiments with newly built effects pedal, the first Caskey had ever constructed himself. More than that though, he went on, “the song is about coming to terms with losing someone close to you because at the time a family member was dying. So this is kind of a dedication to them.”


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