Lido – ‘Crazy’

Norweigian-hailing producer Lido is nothing if not versatile.

The producer has made his directorial debut with the official video for his latest single Crazy. The track is a killer future bass effort, filled with an orchestral style texture and vibes, with vocal samples and synths mimicking various instruments. A lot of the vocals on this track and on his forthcoming album are his own, he revealed to Hypetrack.

The video itself is in keeping with the underlying classical music theme, starring Lido himself as a conductor of sound and light, all contained within a live stage environment. The idea to direct the video was born out of “being a control freak”, says Lido – and symbolising a classical music mentality, imagined in an electronic landscape.

Crazy was always about giving the most accurate and best first impression possible. The song was “an important turning point in the story on my album” he says. “For me it’s exactly the first impression I wanted to give people of the vibe from new music I’m about to release.”

Lido’s forthcoming album has not yet been given a release date.

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