Listen Out 2013 Interviews: Classixx

Music Feeds got the chance to speak to Michael “The Muso” and Tyler “The Skater” of LA DJ/production duo Classixx ahead of their set at Listen Out 2013. The pair explained how they got their start throwing “Hush Hush” parties in their neighbourhood, teaching themselves to DJ.

Despite raising the ire of local gang members, the duo have become one of the most in-demand DJ crews in the EDM scene. Michael explained the motivation behind releasing an album and the long wait in getting it released, saying “We didn’t want to start something and not complete it…it was important to us because he grew up listening to full-length records.”

The duo also elaborated on the inspiration for their debut’s distinctive artwork. Titled Hanging Gardens, the cover was inspired by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, with the artwork designed by a friend of the pair. “We’re both 1985 LA guys,” said Michael.

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