Listen Out 2013 Interviews: Disclosure Talk Jamming With Nile Rodgers

Music Feeds were lucky enough to sit down with the very affable Guy and Lawrence Howard, who make up arguably the biggest act in EDM right now: Disclosure. We spoke to the guys ahead of their set at Listen Out 2013 and cleared up who the favourite son is once and for all (hint: it’s Howard).

Howard declared UK singer Seal his “childhood hero” – the first album the brothers ever received was a Seal release – and explained the elation when the pair received a tweet from the man himself. The guys also discussed their experience jamming with none other than disco master Nile Rodgers. Said Guy, “His knowledge of…how to structure a pop song is amazing.”

The Lawrence boys also talked about the division of labour in the studio, with Guy handling “all of the production and the mixing” before bringing Howard in to finish the track. Guy added: “At the start, we both do our own thing…till the other person says ‘What do you think of this?'”

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