Love Deluxe – ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’

Sydney-based artist Love Deluxe has unleashed the video for debut single ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’, and it’s an instant classic.

Created by the team at Lost Art – aka the masters behind the artwork for The Avalanches’ Wildflower – the video pieces together archival footage of the iconic work of fashion photographer Hans Feurer, whose work has appeared on the covers of such publications as Nova, Absolu, Vogue and the Pirelli calendar.

“When [label] Soothsayer first shared the Love Deluxe demos with us, what stood out was that it was hard to place a time period on the music. For all we knew, they were created 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or yesterday,” explains Lost Art’s Chris Hopkins and Axel Moline. “I think for that reason they reminded us of some of the classic magazines we love that also seem to defy time – like Photo, Twen, Eros, Nova, Absolu. Their fashion sensibilities also felt a fit to Love Deluxe’s general smoothness.

“We worked with assorted archives including Associated Press and British Movietone to obtain the footage, with much back and forth – but well worth it, we hope.”

‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ – which, fun fact, is a reference to the Hawaiian meaning of the name “Keanu Reeves – name – will feature on Love Deluxe’s forthcoming EP Silk Mirage.

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