Mantocliff – ‘These Words’

Powerfully blending singer Nives Onori’s emotive vocals with lush instrumentation, These Words is the assured first single from Swiss quintet Mantocliff.

Drawing on elements of jazz and classical, there is nevertheless a direct appeal in the music. You’d probably call this indie rock in lack of any better term, but it is quite impressive how all encompassing that term and some of the music made under it has become.

Moving seamlessly from moments of driving and claustrophic bass lines to expansive orchestration and its call and response song structure, tension is at the heart of what makes the track work. Managing to balance the tragic and the beautiful, the result is a stirring and haunting song.

The accompanying video is fittingly out there and evocative too, its highly physical choreography almost seizure like in moments. Visually illustrating Onori’s lyrics exploring the tangled nature of personal relationships and the marks they leave, it compliments the song at every point.

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