Interview: ME – In The Right Time And Place

If you were yet to hear about Melbourne outfit ME, you can be forgiven, up until now that is. Joining the ranks of some of our most successful musical exports, the band have spent much of the past little while gallivanting throughout Europe, but are in town as of late, gearing up to perform at Big Day Out, with a full-length album on the way.

Even the Odd Ones Out is the first full-length offering from the group. As the boys explain, the release and the material contained on it have been on hold for some time as they waited for the perfect moment to unleash it onto the world. January 25th has been marked as said perfect moment, and it will match up very nicely with the BDO buzz.

Already off the release we’ve been treated to the single Rock and Roll Dandy. As the pair explain, the track (though housing many of their musical sensibilities) is fairly stand-alone compared to the rest of the release. So, despite that warning shot, we are sure to be surprised by the other gems we are yet to discover from the album.

Once they’ve ticked off The Big Day Out festival from their bucket list, it’s back off to Europe. As they explain to the Music Feeds crew, ME, as a band, are never too sure where their adventures will take them. They can therefore expect a wild journey whilst abroad, but they assure us that they will be back Down Under at some point in the near future.

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