Mikhael Paskalev – ‘Witness’

Mikhael Paskalev is back and about 5 seconds into his new visual offering, we pray, beg and hope that he never, ever leaves again. The Norwegian crooner has today unveiled the video for Witness, the first batch of new music since his glorious debut.

The concept behind Witness, I dare say, is pure genius. When confronted by Death on what would be his final day, Paskalev asks for but one final wish – to dance. And dance he does. Death was once a mortal soul, so even he isn’t immune to the power of Paskalav’s moves, and through expressing himself, Paskalav cheats death.

Though it seems a little wild, turns out the meaning behind the track and video is rooted in reality:

“The song Witness is really about being summoned to the dance floor… Whatever hurt you have, to let go and ‘lose yourself in a moment’, like the great poet Marshall Mathers once said. So when it came time to make a music video, I wanted to make something more along the lines of a short movie to really get that feeling across.”

No doubt, many of us still have parts of 2013’s What’s Life Without Losers stuck in our head. Rest assured we’ll have something else to sink our teeth into by next year.

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