Montaigne – ‘A Cinematic Plea For An End’ (Live)

Australian indie-pop muso Jess Cerro, aka Montaigne, has released a pro-shot live music video for her song A Cinematic Plea For An End, which features on her debut EP, Life Of Montaigne.

Shot at Sydney’s Brighton Up Bar on Montaigne’s recent headline tour (catch Music Feeds’ review of the show here), the live clip begins with Cerro’s raw vocals, before building in intensity with help from her reliable live band. The video captures the spirit of a Montaigne performance, which Cerro says she always enjoys.

“I love performing, I love the thrill of it, the challenge, the risk, and the result when you pull it off. And I just love singing,” she says. “I always do it, and when I’m performing on stage I get to do it in a grander setting and on a grander scale.”

Speaking of A Cinematic Plea For An End, Cerro says the track is a reminder to herself. “Cinematic the song basically expresses several issues with idealism, both in platonic and romantic relationships.

“It is pretty much a letter to myself which is me trying to ensure that I don’t create unreasonable and idealistic expectations of situations and relationships, so that I don’t hurt myself nor others.”

Montaigne has told Music Feeds to expect an album next year, with some new singles to arrive in the coming months. She will support Japanese Wallpaper’s national tour this July.

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