Interview: Montaigne Talks Selling Out Debut Shows & Self-Deprecation Being Key

Exciting newcomer to the Aussie indie scene, Jessica Cerro, who you will know as Montaigne, has had a blistering start to her career, playing alongside Gang of Youths, Megan Washington and Lisa Mitchell in the first few months of music-making.

Chatting to Music Feeds presenter Harrison ahead of her EP launch (which we reviewed here), Montaigne told us all about her debut EP and how her Mum-ager (that’s her mum/manager) helped her get it all together and how self-deprecation is key for her writing.

“I have a self-deprecating streak, that I’m good at controlling and I also just really love putting into music. I’m not really good at writing happy or positive songs,” she told us.

She also chatted about her urge to constantly write and how that means she sometimes ends up with a backlog of content. “I have a lot of lyrics that don’t have any melodies to them, that are just kind of sitting there. Because I have so much to say it all comes out really wordy!”

Montaigne will be appearing at the 2015 Come Together festival this June.

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