Nainiouman – Dominion

Nainiouman (pronounced nani-ooh-mun) has just revealed her emotively-driven debut track ‘Dominion’

‘Dominion’ is a protest song that shines a light on Australia’s recent bushfire crisis and Nainiouman’s frustration with the mismanagement of country and responses from politicians. The compelling cinematic-rock track captures raw and sincere energy, that stems from the grief caused by the destructive impact upon biodiversity and ecological health.

Nainiouman tells the story and motivation behind ‘Dominion’:

“I began working on this track in late-2018, it was like a premonition. I couldn’t quite find the emotion for what it was about and it then sat on hold until late-2019. November and December saw fires rage throughout Australia, and emotion fuelled an overwhelming need to finish the song. In witnessing events in real-time and on social media, it became like a theme song to what was going on.

The emotions in me became the song, and it all needed to be expressed. I got back in the studio and finished the recording while the land continued to burn; it was hard to breathe every day because of the smoke. At the time, I was volunteering at a disaster relief centre and helping out where I could, so it was very raw and emotional. The people, land and animals all hurting… and they still are”.

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