Nick Pes – ‘Under The Light’

Opening with synths straight off the Drive soundtrack and thumping relentless beat to match, Nick Pes‘ latest single Under The Skin marries emotional lyrics with driving rhythms to deliver a synth-pop power-ballad that sounds like The Presets doing Daft Punk.

Dealing with the tender subject of romantic indecision, Nick describes the lyrics being inspired by that “tiny moment right before you act, when you’re trying to figure out if it’s the right time to tell someone you like them.”

Directed by Josh Harris, the video reflects the song’s lyrics, and as Pes describes it “plays with that idea of limbo, of being stuck in that moment, stuck in that state of everlasting uncertainty.”

Seeing Pes doing a Footloose meets BDSM style dance sequence while tied to the floor/wall by ropes, as well as going toe to toe with a T1000 style liquid metal version of himself in an underwater dance/fight, it’s an ambitious piece of work. Harris, who’s worked with artists such as Gang Of Youths and Brendan Maclean, is a long time friend of Nick’s who had always wanted to work with the director, with the whole process coming together smoothly over a weekend.

“I played him the track and he came back with the idea for the video and I loved it. I flew down to Melbourne and we shot it all in one weekend.”

Amazing what you can pull together on a weekend. All I did was sleep in.

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