Parklife DJs: Fake Bratpack On MFTV, Sydney 2012

The Fake Bratpack was born after founding member Josh brought his merry bunch of DJ friends together (aka. the ‘ninja turtles’ as they see themselves) to form a unified crew.

“There hadn’t been a real collective of DJ’s playing together, then we got Tom to MC. Memo, Jason and myself all had different styles so we thought blending them together would make a really interesting mix.”

Like a bunch of freshly pressed schoolies, the group set upon music audiences with their crazy antics and it wasn’t long before they were launching themselves into crowds in fashionable style.

“We had a giant blow-up dingy, and I think Emmo staged dived with it and knocked a chick out; that was pretty awesome. It was a four-man blow-up pool … just launched out into the crowd and this poor chick at the front was just like … yeah … and the pool just, it kinda hit her in the face, it absorbed her face, then just the whiplash back… They banned us from drinking on stage after.”

The crew’s antics quickly became known after the event and they followed up other live performances in similar style. Nudity has become a reoccurring event at both live performances and after-parties with punters following suit, much to the shock of promoters. The lads intend to be on their best behaviour for the highly anticipated Parklife Festival, so we look forward in anticipation to seeing what that entails exactly!

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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