Parklife DJs: Pixl On MFTV, Sydney 2012

Sydney DJ/Producer Pixl has come a long way since coming up with the idea to make music on that moniker while simply hanging out one day with friends, but here he is today, one of the leading breakthrough artists who have been picked up by Parklife for local support.

Parklife will mark Pixl’s first ever festival performance and plans on bringing the story behind his music to the stage. Of course incorporating his namesake, pixels, in the visual display as much as possible, he will be creating a totally changing environment for his performance. “Depending on the mood, depending on what’s going on in my life, it will change the vibe”.

Obviously over moon about being included in Parklife, Pixl explains how excited he is to see artists such as Justice, who have inspired him massively, performing at the same event. On the topic of Aussie EDM festivals, we get to the brass tax behind the movement here, as Pixl explains that we’re only just getting into it: “EDM is only just breaking through to the majority, it used to be a much more underground thing that not everyone was into, but now with a lot of pop artists going into EDM, the movement is growing. In time, however, we will catch up with the US and Europe.”

After Parklife, Pixl will be back into the studio, already with a handful of collabs in the pipelines. Fans can also expect a whole heap of remixes and originals. Pixl will also continue working on his own record label IDGAF.

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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