Phebe Starr – ‘This Time’ (Jarryd James Cover)

Upcoming Australian songstress Phebe Starr has done and made video for her cover of Jarryd James‘ timeless classic This Time.

With Starr up on the altar facing the nonexistent clergy, the religious imagery and the backing light, the only source of light in the otherwise unlit church, the video invokes a images of uplifting sermons and spirituality.

The video, according to Starr, was really just a spur of the moment thing. “VENCE (the guy playing drums) and Gracie (Harpist) started improvising it together. We went to the church; VENCE set up Ableton, plunged straight in and recorded it live in the church.

“Sam Rogers another Aussie who I met through Ball Park Music just moved to L.A, He shot the whole thing on his Sony camera. It was just my talented friends capturing a really good moment.”

Phebe’s had a pretty busy 2016 so far, having just come back from a national tour with Tigertown and showcasing her wares at the latest SXSW. It’ll get even busier later this year, when she releases her EP Chronicles.

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