Pon Cho Ft. Paige IV – ‘Lonely Walls’

Introducing Pon Cho: shooting star Sydney producer, long-serving Thundamental and the debut signing from Night High records.

Night High is the sparkly new collab between EMI and Australian media wunderkind Nic Kelly, whose name you might recognise from our Career Kickstart series.

And the first fruits of their freshly sprouted alliance will not disappoint.

Pon Cho’s debut single, Lonely Walls Ft. Paige IV is an R&B dance pop sandwich, with a head-nodding bassline, a lush melody delivered by featured singer Paige IV and a party bag of quirky programming.

It also comes packing an equally quirky music video featuring some physics-defying dance moves that even Michael Jackson would drool over.

Night High records has made its mission statement to “uncover and reveal the next wave of future-focused Australian talent”, and judging from their first release, that future is very bright indeed.

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