Pop Cult – ‘Feels Right’

Pop Cult have just released a new video for their latest single Feels Right.

Set in a small church, with a ’60s flash back gospel theme and prism lights, the boys don their holy robes and preach and sing. They replace holy water with Kool Aid and ultimately rock out with electric guitars on the altar.

The Pop Cult fellas took the reigns in creating the concept for this video, but the directing was done by Jake Pierce of Red Boss Productions. Frontman Elliot Heinrich explains:

“The intentions are good, but the motives may be less so…Think Sister Act-meets-Jim Jones. As with our previous video (Gotta Keep Lovin’) we storyboarded and produced it ourselves with the keen eye of Jake Pierce behind the lens. Our mate Jimmy plays the quintessential, creepy cult leader persuading our friends and even Mums to drink the Koolaid! Dependent on how you approach the song’s theme, there’s a few interpretations up for grabs.”

The boys are set to play Big Pineapple Music Festival and Sea N Sound later in the year. Head here for more info on their live shows.

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