PREMIERE: Hamjam – Love

Perth psych-garage act Hamjam have just dropped Love, their first-ever music video, fresh from the band’s recently released self-titled debut EP, and we’re lucky enough to bring you the premiere here on Music Feeds!

Ever played a guitar solo in the whitewash? Hamjam have. Shot straight to videotape by director Matt Sav, who’s also worked with WA’s Tame Impala and Pond, the clip has Hamjam getting massive amounts of sand and salt in both gear and undies as they goof on the beach.

The track itself is a well glazed wave of psych-tinged guitar pop, well-suited to the clips bleeding, oversaturated colours. Hamjam’s Hamish Rahn says the song is about his “inability to make wise decisions when chance encounters of a fun/sexual nature arise”. Guessing he didn’t borrow someone else’s guitar for the video, then.

He also suggested to us, in a refreshing track list/beverage list combo, that Love is best accompanied by 5 to 6 beers. We’d recommend looping the track and sinking those stubbies over a couple of hours – it’s only a 3.5 minute tune, after all.

Hamjam’s self-titled EP is available now via iTunes.

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