Purple Sneakers DJs – Last One Standing (Art Of Party Video)

New video from the Purple Sneakers DJs for their latest single Last One Standing. Probably best to let them explain the clip in their own words:

“So we made a video for our single ‘Last One Standing’. It’s as our agent calls it “a live performance piece”. Sure it might not be art……but it’s a snap shot of the art of partying.

The video is kinda like a ‘day in the life of Purple Sneakers DJs’… party / alcohol / irresponsible / look at us we are dickz / making ppl dance / party / jager / party / more party / that laptop is now broken / we are going to regret this in the morning / more party? / oh god no please no more / yayyyyy / shiiiiiiit / oh hAAAIII / LETS DO IT AGAIN!

The video was shot by our Melbourne based Purple Sneakers club photographer AdamNotEve across a few weeks of following us to various places around the country as we played shows and partied with our pals (there’s a bit of a who’s who list, see if you can name them all).

This is our first video and it definitely illustrates who we are and what we do… we play the music that makes you wanna sing along, shake your ass to the ground, eat drugs, hug your friend, kiss your lover and lose your shit.

For the record we are NOT sponsored by Jaegermeister. Believe us we tried!”

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