Purple Sneakers DJs – New Song, Same Show

Randall Stagg and PhDJ, more commonly known as the beloved Purple Sneakers DJs, have been a fixture in the Sydney music scene for around about 6 or 7 years. Now the unassuming duo have finally released their first original single Last One Standing, featuring the lovely vocals of Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s Amy Pes.

Shooting the breeze with Music Feeds on a muggy day in Newtown, Stagg and PhDJ, real name Martin Novosel, gave an insight into their writing and recording process. Facing the fear of putting their mouth where their music is, PSDJs have opened up the creative flood gates with Last One Standing and show no signs of turning back.

As the laid-back lads explain, although Last One Standing feels in some respects as a new beginning for the pair, nothing has changed as far as their high-energy shows are concerned. As dapper and danceable as ever, be sure to keep an eye out for PSDJs as they perform at upcoming shows such as a Melbourne New Year’s Eve gig with Flume and festivals like Field Day and Summadayze.

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