Remi – ‘For Good’ Feat. Sampa The Great

The first single from Remi’s upcoming album Diva’s and Demons now has an accompanying video.

The track For Good, which was released last month, draws on Remi’s personal experience of infidelity in a relationship, and with the most excellent of help from Sampa The Great, he explores both sides of the story.

“I was a scandalous prick, and I wanted to outline how it went down and how it effected everyone involved. The best way to do this was to have both the male and female perspective.”

The video follows the all too familiar narrative of a girl all alone, waiting for her guy. The scene cuts to the guy who is in the midst of a party, drinking champagne and getting cozy with another girl. Ultimately, the guy comes to find his lonesome lady who, much to his horror, has been approached by another fella.

Sampa’s soulful voice and free flowing rhymes are the perfect addition to Remi’s heartfelt hip hop. The dynamic duo now make an awesome impact not only on stage, but also on screen. Remi’s tour kicks off on May 19th. Check out details here.

Take a look at the video for For Good here:

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