Royal Chant – ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’

Port Macquarie’s grunge loving prodigal sons Royal Chant are back, currently on tour around the country and sporting a brand spanking new single Sight For Sore Eyes.

Yet another furiously fuzzed out number, the track sees singer songwriter Mark Spence pushing his voice almost to breaking point in service of the song, delivering an almost Barnsey-esque performance. Reminiscent of a less drugged fucked early Flaming Lips, the track is some of the strongest stuff we’ve heard from the trio yet.

The accompanying clip – part two of their New York trilogy directed by Matt Clements – boasts a matching rough around the edges ’90s charm with its quirky tale of unlikely romance. Essentially a love story about a house plant and the woman that cares for it, switch out the digital camera it was shot on for a VHS camcorder and throw a ‘lil more budget at it for some cutaways of the band playing on a New York roof top and this could totally be a clip for The Breeders.

About to wrap up their national tour with shows in and around Melbourne over the weekend – including opening up for Mr Grinspoon himself Phil Jamieson at the Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on Friday 24th June and playing at the final night of music at the Shebeen the following Saturday 25th June before rocking the 2am slot at The Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar – the boys will be heading back up to Port Macquarie afterwards to start work on the next record.

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