The Rumjacks – ‘A Fistful Of Roses’

Sydney’s own The Rumjacks are back with A Fistful Of Roses, a vitriolic requiem for Sydney’s dying nightlife with a matching video seeing the band take over a bar for a wake for their hometown as they giving a rousing performance from the bar.

The band’s first release in over a year, they were inspired of course by the lockout laws, which the video makes more than clear with its inclusion of footage from the massive Keep Sydney Open Rally a couple of months back. Directed by Josh Groom, the band’s lead singer Frankie McLaughlin describes it as “a macabre ‘dry wake’, set among the decay, in a derelict pub, one of many to fall victim to the states new order.”

Having written countless songs about Sydney across their career, McLaughin calls this “one last great send-off for the old girl,” before adding sadly that “make no mistake, this is a band falling very much out of love with its muse.”

Much like any break up, there is anger and sadness bleeding through the pores of the song, the clip’s bare bones production serving only to reinforce the band’s despair at seeing the city they love torn apart by NIMBYs and do good politicians. Hardly the most polished tool in the shed, the track nevertheless gets its message across effectively. Sydney is dying and it sucks.

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