Interview: Run The Jewels On Battling Oppression As Allies

In town for Falls Festival and a pair of sideshows alongside Joey Bada$$, El-P and Killer Mike of Run The Jewels sat down with Music Feeds to talk their love for Australia’s politically incorrect vernacular, making music as friends, the power of art and navigating the world’s racial tensions as allies.

“We let each other be who we are and there’s no conflict in that,” explains El-P about how Run The Jewels operate. “That’s the beautiful thing about this project. It’s not necessarily something that you’ve seen before. You’ve got two guys who are distinctive in their approaches to music but we pretty effortlessly find common ground.”

“I think that the thing people find unique about El and I is something that happened a lot more in the sixties than we’re taught,” adds Killer Mike. “And I think [the thing] they get a chance to see with El and I is that your allies don’t often look like you and they stand in solidarity.”

“If oppression is to even end in any way globally, it is going to take allies that don’t look like the people that are being oppressed as well as the people. Now those allies don’t need to star in the movie goddammit…you should have friends that challenge you.”

Run The Jewels and Joey Bada$$ play The Forum in Melbourne tonight. Watch the full interview above.

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