Sarah Blasko – ‘I’d Be Lost’

Having just released her fifth studio album Eternal Return to critical acclaim, Sarah Blasko follows it up with the first video to be taken from the album, for lead single I’d Be Lost.

A more electronic turn for the singer/songwriter, with the song driven by a series of synth hooks, the song is still very much a Blasko track, replete with her yearning high vocals and whimsical and spot on lyrical phrasing. Channeling very light shades of new wave and ’80s influence, this is the most exciting work from Blasko in a while, re-invigorating her songwriting with some new tones and textures.

The video sees Blasko standing in front of footage of cars driving on a highway, bathed in red light and with a fan tussling her hair back and forth as the camera moves in and out tracking Blasko’s characteristically nonchalant performance.

A touch of visual effects are added as the chorus swells, and we see the light of the headlight pierce Blasko’s face and shine through, the video ending with her engulfed by it. It’s hardly a gauzy Lana Del Ray production, but something about the ’80s Knight Rider vibes of the synths matched with the highway at night imagery works well enough to make an impression, with Blasko and her mysterious charisma at its core.

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