Soundwave 2014 Interviews: A Day To Remember

You know how it goes. You’re chilling at Olympic Park in Sydney, checking out Soundwave 2014 and next thing you know you’re on a couch with Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff from Floridian metalcore heroes A Day To Remember. It happens.

After bestowing on them the coveted title of “Honorary Aussies,” we got to chatting about the band’s most recent album, Common Courtesy, which the boys unveiled back in October and for which we last spoke to Jeremy, on Episode #41 of Music Feeds Podcast. “It’s been great,” said Jeremy. “So far it’s been our best selling record this early in the cycle. Period. So things are looking positive, fans are reacting well.”

Touring with the incredible Soundwave 2014 lineup has also given the guys some fanboy moments, including one involving Jeremy and punk veterans Pennywise. “[Guitarist Fletcher Dragge] pulled me aside when we landed here in Sydney. Talked to him for the first time in my life,” Jeremy recounted. “He took a photo of me in this [Pennywise] shirt and said Jim’s daughter, which is the singer, is going to be really stoked. What the fuck, man?”

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