Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains are a band who know a thing or two about persevering. Following the death of legendary lead singer Layne Staley, many wrote-off the band as finished. The band not only continued, but have gone on to garner critical acclaim and a new generation of fans. Music Feeds was lucky enough to catch up with drummer Sean Kinney and frontman William DuVall at Soundwave 2014 in Sydney.

Between checking our range and discussing the band’s upcoming plans, William shared his thoughts on the festival-solo show dichotomy:

“With the festival thing, you might make some compromises in terms of your own production or the details or the logistics of what it takes to put the show on, but you might reach people that you’d never normally reach, and you get to see a lot of other bands, some of whom are your friends that you never get to hang out with.

“So that part’s all great but then obviously at your own gigs, you’re controlling every aspect of the atmosphere and you’re playing to your people, so there’s no real preference. It’s just taking the best of whatever situation you’re in.”

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