Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Eagles Of Death Metal

Things got flirty yet philosophical when we caught up with the man, Jesse “The Devil” Hughes aka Boot Electric of Eagles of Death Metal, at Soundwave Festival 2014 in Sydney, who not only revealed that he’s looking to move to Melbourne (across the street from the Luna Park mouth, for the head opportunities) but shared on why his fans are able to tug at those Boots Electric heartstrings:

“I wanna say this in all humility, but this is the greatest job in the world. Out fans are probably some of the sweetest possible people you could ever ask to have, really. I almost get moved to emotion sometimes, because in a corny way they’re like my only friends in whatever town I go to.

“We’ve never physically met a lot of the time, but we’ve all bonded on rock and roll. The way I look at it, we’re all fans, I’m just the monkey who gets to shake his dick and have a good time.”

The topic of discourse then switched to EODM’s new album. “We just recorded a new record,” opened Boots. “I’ve again stolen a bunch of songs from the greatest rock bands in the world so technically this will be the greatest rock album ever made and maybe hip-hop album, I don’t know. I’m gonna sleep when I die, so till then it’s kill and rock and rape and roll.”

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