Soundwave 2014 Interviews: GWAR

It’s not often that you get to share some couch time with the master of the universe and it’s not often that you get to hear said master of the universe describe the leader of your country as a “necrotic, vampyritic, thing-like beast,” but while hanging around one of our pathetic excuse for a planet’s finest music festivals, Soundwave 2014 at Sydney’s Olympic Park, we managed to run into the mighty Oderus Urungus of GWAR.

This year’s Soundwave sees the powerful interplanetary troop make their debut and we asked Oderus why it took so long to get them over to our favourite hard rock event. “I haven’t played any shows in outer Mongolia either, so it just takes a while,” Oderus explained. “Everything about GWAR just takes longer. For instance, while most people are using the internet, we’re still fucking around with crayons.”

After asking us if we’ve ever “douched with cartouche,” Oderus got real. “I blame others. Basically, the reason we haven’t come to Australia in so long and we haven’t done Soundwave is I blame others for mismanaging my career, for making a joke out of me, like a clown. Everybody looks at me like a big party clown with a big dick.”

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